A little about myself.


Curating ways to inspire and motivate people.

I live life the way I want, the sparkle way.  

In 2008, founded AAJENT.com | AAJENT Magazine an urban digital and publication media about celebrity/ entertainment news and gossip.

You can also find me blogging on IG  1/2 of @MediaQueens which landed us on many platforms like TMZ, The Shaderoom, BET and many others and our own YouTube channel.

In 2016, I begin the natural and organic route and introduce the world to Cocofiniti -100% natural coconut oil for hair and body.  As of date, it is a quarterly subscription kit called CocofnKIT.

On my free time you can catch me somewhere laughing in public and meditating in private.  I create art, style, do mild photography/videography and create a lot of online content and anything in communication design, you name it.

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Let’s just say I have a lot going on. I’m just getting started and I’m no where finished.

I believe in the ‘U’niverse- You Ask, Believe and Receive.

Speak it into existence and watch it manifest.

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